OTTAWA — Production of all wheat in Canada in 2013 was estimated at 37.530 million tonnes, up 14% from the prior forecast and up 38% from 27.205 million tonnes in 2012, Statistics Canada said in its 2013 final Production of Principal Field Crops report issued Dec. 4. The production number was 11% above the average of trade expectations. Production of all surveyed crops was up from 2012.

Based on data collected from Oct. 26 to Nov. 13, Statistics Canada said estimated canola production at a record 17.960 million tonnes, up 13% from the prior forecast and up nearly 30% from 13.869 million tonnes in 2012.

“This was the result of a record average yield of 40 bus per acre, up 42.3% from 2012, which more than offset a 9% decline in harvested area,” Statistics Canada said concerning the 2013 canola production number, which was 7% above average trade estimates.

Production of spring wheat was estimated at 27.239 million tonnes, up about 45% from 18.845 million tonnes in 2012, durum at 6.505 million tonnes, up 41% from 4.627 million tonnes last year, and winter wheat at 3.786 million tonnes, up 1% from 3.733 million tonnes a year ago.

Oats production was estimated at 3.888 million tonnes, up 38% from 2.812 million tonnes in 2012.

The 2012 barley crop was estimated at 10.237 million tonnes, up 28% from 8.012 million tonnes a year ago.

Corn production was forecast at a record 14.194 million tonnes, up 9% from 13.060 million tonnes in 2012.

Soybean outturn also was estimated record high at 5.198 million tonnes, and up 2% from 5.086 million tonnes last year.