SCHAUMBURG, ILL. — Healthy ingredient manufacturer Comet Bio has established its United States headquarters in the Chicago area. The offices will be located in Schaumburg, a northwestern suburb, and will house the company’s administrative and commercial functions.

The announcement comes as the company closes a round of funding with its current investors. Comet Bio said it will use the funds to commercialize its Arabinoxylan plant fiber extract and Sweeterra syrups, both of which are made from crop leaves and stalks leftover after a farm’s harvest. In June, the company earned an innovation award from the Institute of Food Technologists for its Sweeterra Syrup Blends, which are functionally equivalent to corn syrup and may be used in confectionery, gummies, fruit preparations, energy drinks, nutrition bars and bakery products.

“Our products are in high demand because they address consumers’ interest in gut health and sugar reduction,” said Richard Troyer, chief executive officer at Comet Bio. “We are pleased to have the ongoing support and confidence of our investors to successfully bring these products to market.”