VALATIE, N.Y. — Tierra Farm has acquired Pennsylvania-based Señor Sabor, an organic spice company that sells bulk and freshly ground, certified organic spices and seasonings.

In addition to enhancing the flavor of its trademark dry-roasted nuts, the acquisition will allow Tierra Farm to begin selling organic seasonings for use as separate food toppings and seasonings.

Señor Sabor is the second acquisition by Tierra Farm this year. In February, the company acquired Power of 3 Nutrition, which specializes in protein-rich seed blends used as condiments in salads, smoothies and other dishes. Power of 3 Nutrition products will now be sold under the Tierra Farm Señor Sabor brand.

“After the acquisition of Power of 3 Nutrition, we realized that the dry seasoning market would be a natural brand extension of our core organic food product line,” said Todd Kletter, chief executive officer at Tierra Farm.

The company is developing new combinations of seasonings, with plans to introduce 8 to 10 new seasonings to the spice aisle by the end of the year. The first new combination, Everything but the Bagel, is a dry seasoning condiment that mimics the salty, seedy, garlicy, oniony flavors topping an everything bagel.