LA FARGE, WIS. — Organic Valley announced the launch of Ultra, its first organic, ultra-filtered milk available nationally. The product is lactose-free, has 50% less sugar and 50% more protein than regular milk, according to Organic Valley. It is available in four 56-oz options: whole, 2%, reduced fat, 2% chocolate and skim.

The Ultra lineup was developed in response to consumer demand for low-sugar, high-protein, organic milk options produced without pesticides or artificial growth hormones, according to the farmer cooperative.

“We’re always creating innovative ways to give consumers high-quality, great-tasting organic options that meet their needs for healthy food from companies that align with their values,” said Robert Kirchoff, chief executive officer of Organic Valley. “Not only does Organic Valley Ultra provide consumers with an organic, ultra-filtered product they can feel good about buying and consuming, it ensures we can support our cooperative’s mission to save small family farms by marketing their organic products.”