WASHINGTON – The Corn Refiners Association has launched a national, on-line consumer campaign that will promote a healthy lifestyle through caloric balance, which includes the idea people should focus on the total sugars in their diet rather than on a specific type of sugar.

The digital campaign will appear on web sites such as www.FoodNetwork.com and within AOL’s Food Super Channel network. Banner placements will appear. Videos will feature registered dietitians Jessica Fishman Levinson and Neva Cochran. In one video Ms. Levinson says sugar and high-fructose corn syrup are nutritionally equivalent.

“Our goal is to provide consumers with facts about health and nutrition so that they can make informed decisions about their diets,” said John Bode, president and chief executive officer of the Washington-based Corn Refiners Association. “Finding the right caloric balance is key to a healthy lifestyle. It is a disservice to consumers to suggest that good health can be achieved by avoiding one particular food or ingredient.”

The C.R.A., a trade association representing the U.S. corn refining industry, said the placements should continue through the holiday season and into 2014.