OAKVILLE, ONT. — Tim Hortons, a subsidiary of Restaurant Brands International, Inc., has quickly expanded its plant-based offerings. In June, the Canadian coffee chain launched Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwiches. Last week, the restaurant expanded its Beyond Meat offerings to its lunch and dinner menus with the Beyond Burger. Now, it is the first major fast food chain to test plant-based eggs.

The company announced it is partnering with Just, a plant-based food company known for its vegan egg product, to test plant-based eggs at locations in Canada.

“We are always listening to our guests and testing a wide variety of potential products in select restaurants across the country,” said Sarah McConnel, media representative at Tim Hortons. “As we continue to test and get feedback, we will consider expanding plant-based options into other menu items.”

Demand for plant-based eggs hasn’t been as strong as demand for plant-based meats or dairy products, but the category is growing. Sales of plant-based eggs hit $6 million last year, a 38% increase from 2017, according to the Plant-Based Foods Association. That’s faster than the growth in plant-based milk, meat and cheese combined.

Just (formerly known as Hampton Creek) said it has experienced strong growth since its retail launch last year, selling the equivalent of 10 million chicken eggs in a matter of months. The company uses mung bean protein, turmeric and other vegan ingredients to mimic the taste and texture of conventional eggs.

Just Eggs are available at retailers, including Safeway and Whole Foods and are on the menu at several restaurant chains, including Bareburger, Gregory’s Coffee, Silver Diner and Veggie Grill as well as a number of independent operators.

“The consumer demand for 100% plant-based proteins is strong and continues to grow,” said Andrew Noyes, head of global communications at Just. “Canada is one of the most requested markets for Just, and we’re excited to be able to offer our product at select Tim Hortons locations for this market test.”