MINNEAPOLIS — Live Real Farms, a new brand developed by Dairy Farmers of America, is combining dairy milk with plant-based alternatives in what it calls the “first-ever blended beverage of its kind.” New Dairy Plus Milk Blends feature 50-50 blends of lactose-free dairy and almonds or oats.

“We absolutely understand that consumer tastes are always changing and that many people are enjoying the benefits of both dairy milk and plant-based alternatives,” said Rachel Kyllo, senior vice-president of growth and innovation for Live Real Farms. “We recognized an opportunity in the value-added milk category’s growth areas — products like lactose-free and flavored milk — and created an option that offers the protein-packed goodness of pure dairy milk with the flavors and versatility of alternatives in one great-tasting beverage.”

Dairy Plus Milk Blends provide five grams of protein per serving and range from 70 to 140 calories. The beverage comes in five varieties:  Dairy Plus Almond Original, Dairy Plus Almond  Unsweetened Vanilla, Dairy Plus Almond Sweetened Vanilla, Dairy Plus Almond Chocolate, and Dairy Plus Oat-Original.

“People around the world are seeking more options and variety in their beverage choices, especially when it comes to milk,” Live Real Farms said. “In fact, 42% of consumers purchase both dairy milk and plant-based alternatives. Brands and bottlers have met evolving preferences with products ranging from lactose-free to plant-based, but more doesn't necessarily mean better — until now.”

Live Real Farms’ Dairy Plus Milk Blends are currently available in half-gallon cartons at supermarkets in Minnesota with a national roll-out slated for early 2020.