LA FARGE, WIS. — Organic Valley has reformulated its Fuel protein shakes to include less sugar and has added a new flavor to the lineup. The new recipe was developed in response to consumer demand for high-protein, low sugar options made without pesticides or artificial growth hormones, Organic Valley said.

The single-serve, ultra-filtered protein shakes contain 50% less sugar than the previous iteration and provide 20 grams of protein per 11-oz serving. U.S.D.A. certified organic and shelf stable, Organic Valley Fuel is made with milk from the cooperative’s pasture-raised cows. The milk is ultra-filtered to reduce sugar lactose, then a lactase enzyme is added to make the beverage lactose-free.

Organic Valley Fuel comes in chocolate, vanilla and coffee flavors. A new flavor addition to the lineup, coffee Fuel contains the equivalent caffeine to an 8-oz cup of coffee and is the “first ever organic coffee milk protein shake,” according to the company.

“Consumers want options that taste great and adhere to the strict U.S.D.A. organic guidelines from a company that aligns with their values,” said Laurie Drake, senior brand manager at Organic Valley. “Organic Valley Fuel provides all that and more — great taste, high protein, low sugar, and the added benefit of knowing that the product comes from our cooperative of small family farmers that are committed to upholding the highest standards of animal care.”