TIFTON, GA. — PB2 Foods is bringing the trend of offering added functional benefits in new formulas to the nut butter market. The company announced it is rolling PB2 Peanut Powder with prebiotics and probiotics, a first for the category.

The new product is available at Walmart nationwide and will expand to other retail locations and Amazon next month, PB2 Foods said.

“This item is completely unique within our category, because no one else in the food business has produced a peanut butter powder with prebiotics and probiotics," said Craig Entwistle, chief executive officer at PB2 Foods. “We’re also introducing a no sugar added element as part of this product, and that is a big differentiator for us that we know will translate to sales.”

Inulin, the prebiotic found in PB2’s newest product, is a soluble fiber that facilitates calorie and sugar reduction, promotes overall digestive health and enhances calcium absorption. PB2 with prebiotics and probiotics also is made with 1 billion colony forming units (a measure of the good bacteria and yeasts inside a product) per serving. The probiotic bacillus coagnulans comes in a dried powder in PB2. Unlike most probiotics, which are pre-activated and must be refrigerated in a liquid state, PB2’s probiotic element is in a dormant state at the point-of-purchase, creating a shelf-stable product. The probiotic becomes active once it reaches a person’s gut.

The product is sweetened with monk fruit extract powder. It has 6 grams of plant protein, 60 calories and 1.5 grams of fat per 13-gram serving.