VEVEY, SWITZERLAND — Nestle S.A. has expanded its plant-based portfolio in Europe with new Garden Gourmet Incredible Mince and a new recipe for its Garden Gourmet Incredible Burger.

“The move comes as people continue to look at different ways to balance their protein intake and lower the environmental footprint of their diets,” Nestle said. “Nestle is committed to offering a wide range of plant-based products that taste great and offer people new veggie food experiences.”

Garden Gourmet Incredible Mince is made from a blend of soy, beetroot, carrot, bell pepper and vegetable fats and is designed to look and cook like raw beef. It is easily shapeable, according to the company, and may be molded into balls and skewers or crumbled into a pan.

The Garden Gourmet Incredible Mince will be available in September across Austria, Belgium, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

Additionally, Nestle has updated the recipe for the Garden Gourmet Incredible Burger just seven months after its launch “as part of continuous efforts to improve its plant-based range,” the company said.

Garden Gourmet Incredible Burger, Nestle“Based on consumer feedback, the plant protein experts and chefs at Nestle were able to increase the juiciness, grilled beefy flavor and meat-like texture of the burger,” Nestle said.

The new formulation combines soy and wheat protein with color from natural plant extracts and chopped coconut oil. The mixture then undergoes a proprietary method of fermenting the plant-based ingredients to boost the umami flavor of the burger.

“We’re pleased at the positive response to our Garden Gourmet Incredible Burger from a broad range of consumers,” said Wayne England, head of the food strategic business unit at Nestle. “We have listened to their feedback and we have not sat still. This autumn we are launching a next generation that we are sure people will appreciate. As an extension to this exciting and fast-growing burger-led ‘cook from raw’ platform, we are proud to launch Garden Gourmet Incredible Mince. This is a really versatile ingredient that is a real winner in many dishes. We will continue to work hard to improve our Garden Gourmet offers and to bring new formats to the market.”