KINGSBURG, CALIF. — Sun-Maid Growers of California is giving its yogurt covered raisins a millennial makeover. The company has reformulated the raisins to be non-G.M.O. and added new flavor mashups.

Along with improvements to taste, look and texture, Sun-Maid said, the company’s yogurt covered raisins come in two new flavor combinations: dark chocolate and vanilla, and strawberry vanilla. The gluten-free fruit snacks also are available in dark chocolate, vanilla and salted caramel flavors.

“Millennials have a holistic view toward health, and we are addressing their needs by developing products that are less processed and have fewer artificial ingredients,” said Chris Dixon, director of marketing for Sun-Maid’s core raisin portfolio. “Our yogurt covered raisins are a great way to keep your sweet-tooth at bay, but without the guilt, as they are made with whole fruit.”

Sun-Maid yogurt covered raisins are available in single-serve and shareable, multi-serve bags. The company plans to roll out new packaging and more flavors in January 2020.

The reformulation of its yogurt covered raisins follows the company’s launch of Sour Raisin Snacks in August. Also non-G.M.O., the new snacks are part of Sun-Maid’s goal of “repositioning products and broadening our product portfolio to meet the growing need for less processed, no-added-sugar snacking options,” said Harry Overly, president and chief executive officer of Sun-Maid, at the time of the products’ debut.