NEW YORK — “Low-fat” is losing weight in consumers’ minds as more health-conscious eaters adopt low-carb plans, according to a diet and nutrition trends forecast from Today’s Dietitian, a nutrition trade magazine, and Pollock Communications public relations agency.

Based on a survey of more than 500 registered dietitians, health-conscious consumers will continue to banish wheat and gluten in favor of ancient grains, such as quinoa and amaranth.

“Despite the lack of evidence to support wheat- or gluten-elimination diets for weight loss or health, not associated with a clinical disorder or disease, consumers are still looking for ways to control their weight,” said Jenna A. Bell, senior vice-president and director of food and wellness at Pollock Communications.

Low-fat diets will be the least discussed plan in 2014, dietitians predicted, while Paleo, gluten-free and “wheat belly” will top the list of popular food fads.

Eco-friendly eats continue to gain popularity, with 38% of dietitians noting an increased interest in local fare and nearly a third saying their clients seek sustainable food when shopping.

Kale, chia seeds and coconut are set to remain on-trend ingredients in the new year, with more than a third of dietitians reporting an increased interest in coconut oil.

Two-thirds of the dietitians surveyed predicted a sustained interest in healthy eating and weight loss in 2014, as the topic of health and nutrition continues to boom on blogs and web sites. Still, 67% of dietitians warned of a rise in misinformation, noting most nutrition information is based on personal beliefs rather than peer-reviewed research.