SEATTLE — Starbucks Coffee is expanding its delivery service to Atlanta, Denver, Phoenix, Philadelphia and New Jersey, and is further expanding in the New York metro. The delivery program, which launched in partnership with Uber Eats late last year, is now available in 16 major U.S. markets and will reach national availability early next year.

“Following our recent commitment to make delivery available nationwide in 2020, we are excited to bring Starbucks Delivers to five more major U.S. markets,” said Rosalind G. Brewer, group president and chief operating officer for Starbucks. “The expansion of Starbucks Delivers is part of our continuous effort to enhance the retail experience and provide customers another convenient option to enjoy Starbucks wherever they are.”

Starbucks also has invested heavily in its delivery service outside of the United States recently. The company has launched delivery programs in more than 15 global markets, including Canada, Chile, Colombia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Singapore and Vietnam.

In China, where delivery accounts for more than half of all orders, the company is investing in voice ordering and delivery capabilities through Alibaba’s delivery platform It also is rapidly expanding in the U.K., launching into 11 major markets in partnership with Uber Eats.