ZHUHAI, CHINA — Kemin Industries opened a new innovation and technology center at its headquarters in Zhuhai, China, that will employ scientists to work in multiple industries, including human and animal nutrition, aquaculture, pet food, specialty crop improvement and more.

The 45,200-square-foot facility is a $14.2 million investment in Kemin’s research and development in China.

“This new laboratory will allow Kemin to harness the talent and creative thinking of Chinese scientists and the insights of our customers to develop the technologies they need,” said Chris Nelson, Ph.D., president and chief executive officer of Kemin. “We must take the opportunity to tap into our local customer base to better understand their needs and the challenges they face. Opening a research and development center here prepares us to better meet the growing demands of our industries in the region and increase our global impact.”

Over the past 30 years, Kemin has become deeply rooted in China, and has had many achievements in animal nutrition and health in the country, some of which have been expanded globally, the company said. Now, the new center allows Kemin to be more responsive to changes in the Chinese market and provide localized products and solutions.

“The innovation and technology center will improve both our research and development capabilities in China and the customer laboratory services we offer,” said Zhilin Gan, Ph.D., president, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – China. “We can now provide a technical training center to our customers as part of this new facility.”

The center was inaugurated during a ceremony on Nov. 1, which was followed by a conference with key industry leaders and customers. The event addressed topics such as industry challenges and solutions, with attendees gathering to share their views, experiences and thoughts on the dynamics, trends and directions of the industry in the future.