DALLAS — Dean Foods Co. has tweaked the texture of a popular dairy product to create a snack with broader appeal. New DairyPure Smooth cottage cheese was designed to appeal to consumers who may have avoided cottage cheese in the past due to its chunky texture and tangy flavor.

“We also saw the cottage cheese category in particular has suffered from a lack of innovation, something that younger generations are craving in their food decision making,” said Sindhura Polasanapalli, senior director of marketing at Dean Foods. “It was the perfect ‘white space’ to take a classic snack, add a twist to make it fun and create a product that is a first within the market that consumers could truly indulge in.”

Made with double-blended 4% milkfat cottage cheese, the new smooth varieties pair with fruity and sweet flavors. In addition to an original variety, DairyPure Smooth cottage cheese is available with a raspberry puree on the bottom and in a s’mores variety that includes graham pieces, fudge chips and marshmallow creme.

“We saw an opportunity to introduce more snacking innovation and variety for treat occasions,” Ms. Polasanapalli said. “With DairyPure Smooth, we’re giving our customers an option that tastes indulgent but is a better-for-you-snack than what’s typically desired during a mid-day sugar craving or an after dinner sweet.”

DairyPure Smooth cottage cheese contains 15 to 19 grams of protein and 160 to 220 calories per 5.3-oz cup.

“These products were designed for the wellness-minded snacker seeking great flavors in a single-serving container, perfect for eating at home or on-the-go,” Ms. Polasanapalli said.

The products product will be available on shelves in early 2020 across select retailers nationwide.