IRVINE, CALIF. — Cottage cheese brand Good Culture is entering a new category with the launch of probiotic gut shots. Formulated with functional ingredients, the organic shots contain cultured kefir that is lightly sweetened with sweet potato juice and coconut sugar. Varieties include pineapple and turmeric, vanilla and collagen, chai and matcha, and chocolate and chaga.

“Probiotic shots are an emerging category, and we saw a void in the space with an opportunity to merge functional ingredients with probiotics,” said Jesse Merril, co-founder and chief executive officer of Good Culture. “Good Culture is built on the mission to deliver healing foods made with clean ingredients. As we looked to expand our portfolio of pasture-raised cultured dairy products, we wanted to offer an easy on-the-go way to get your daily dose of gut-friendly probiotics. With our kefir shots, we’re excited to provide consumers with an option that is both delicious and functional.”

Good Culture’s Wellness Probiotic Gut Shots are available at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide.