REHOVOT, ISRAEL — Food tech start-up ChickP Ltd. is tapping into the dairy alternative market with a line of chickpea isolates.

The company uses patent-pending technology developed by researchers at Hebrew University to extract up to 90% pure protein out of the chickpea seed. This allows for a neutral taste, high solubility and smooth viscosity, according to ChickP.

 “We tested the chickpea ingredient across a range of parameters, including functionality, flavor, nutrition profile and protein content,” said Ram Reifen, founder and chief strategy officer of ChickP. “Sensory parameters such as taste, color and texture are the key factors for success in launching any new product in the marketplace. Plant-based milk alternatives that contain ChickP have been shown to mimic cow’s milk and yogurt better for taste, mouthfeel and nutritional value.”

Mr. Reifen launched ChickP in 2016 after spending decades researching and developing plant protein technology. The company, which produces several types of chickpea isolates, began scaling its operations and processing production last month.