CARLSTADT, N.J. — Citromax is launching a line of ready-to-use lemonade bases. The bases, made from lemons that are processed the same day they are picked, are available in lemon lime, hibiscus and white peach flavors.

“With Citromax, you can count on the pure, authentic and fresh taste of real lemon in all your conventional and organic lemonade products,” said John Cavallo, senior vice-president of technology and commercial development at Citromax. “You’ll also have the comfort of knowing you are working with a company that is fully committed to sustainable farming practices.”                   

Citromax is the third largest lemon processor and largest organic lemon processor in the world. Along with its flavor development and production facilities in Carlstadt, the company has more than 13,000 acres of lemon orchards in Tucuman, Argentina.