MINNEAPOLIS — General Mills, Inc. said it has achieved its goal of 20% sodium reduction across its 10 key U.S. product categories: cereals, dry dinners, frozen pizzas, Mexican dinners, refrigerated dough products, savory snacks, canned vegetables, side dishes, soups and baking mixes.

General Mills first made the pledge to reduce sodium by 20% back in 2010. After making progress in several product categories, General Mills achieved its goal reaching its sodium reduction target levels in Mexican dinners, ready-to-eat soup and cereal.

In addition to hitting its goals in its 10 key product categories, General Mills said it has made “significant” sodium reductions in many other categories that were not part of the original commitment, including frozen breakfast products, dessert mixes, grain snacks and frozen appetizers.

“We are making clear progress in becoming a more consumer-connected General Mills as evidenced by our continued work and commitment to sodium reduction,” said Tom Hockenberry, senior director of General Mills’ innovation, technology and quality team. “As we continue on this journey, we have actively invested — and will continue to do so — in developing the advanced technical solutions that will be required to achieve additional sodium reductions.”

In addition to reducing sodium, General Mills said it has continued to improve the nutrient density of its products over time by increasing nutrients such as whole grain, fiber, vitamins and minerals across food groups, all while ensuring great taste.