CHICAGO – Specialty hot sauce company Co-Op Sauce is launching its core line of five hot sauces with keto-friendly recipes made with zero sugar.

The wild-fermented sauces start with probiotic bases and non-G.M.O. produce from small farms in Illinois and Michigan. Each variety is keto-friendly, vegan, gluten-free and allergen-free. Flavors include The Barrel, Carrot Habanero, ChChCherry Bomb, Chi-Racha and Jalapeño Lime.

The Barrel sauce is a classic, all-purpose sauce with a 2 out of 6 heat rating, Co-Op Sauce said. The sauce, which features fermented Japonais and Anaheim peppers, is aged in a Koval Whiskey barrel and finished with Dark Matter roasted Harrar and Nicaragua coffee.

The Carrot Habanero Sauce has a 4 out of 6 heat rating and combines carrots, fermented habanero, onion, lime and garlic.

The Chchcherry Bomb sauce, which has a 2 out of 6 heat rating, features chilies served three ways: fresh, fermented and roasted. With a tomato base, the sauce includes fresh morita chilies, fermented chili peppers and roasted red peppers.

The Chi-Racha sauce has a 3 out of 6 heat rating and is made with fermented jalapeño and garlic along with mustard seed and turmeric.

The Jalapeño Lime sauce, made with fermented jalapeño peppers, has a 2 out of 6 heat rating.

“We are excited to make our ‘OG’ sauces with new sugar-free formulations for longtime fans and to introduce new converts to our small-batch, wild-fermented style of hot sauce,” said Mike Bancroft, founder of Co-Op Sauce. “We work with local farmers to source premium chili peppers and other ingredients to make culinarily inspired sauces that bring much more than just heat to whatever you put them on. They’re built for flavor, not for pain.”

The new Co-Op Sauce hot sauces retail for $4.99 per 5-oz bottle.