BOSTON — Ocean Spray is expanding its portfolio of unsweetened juices with the addition of tart cherry, white grapefruit and Concord grape varieties. The brand’s unsweetened cranberry juice debuted in 2017.

“By extending our portfolio of Pure unsweetened beverages at Walmart, we are demonstrating our commitment to deliver a wide variety of juices that have the incredible health benefits of the cranberry and other superfruits,” said Chris O’Connor, vice-president of marketing for Ocean Spray. “We will continue to develop innovative options that expand awareness of cranberries and exemplify our dedication to health and wellness.” 

Ocean Spray’s Pure Fruit Juice lineup is available at Walmart stores and is set to roll out at other retailers in January 2020. The suggested retail price of Pure Tart Cherry is $4.78 per 32-oz bottle, while Pure White Grapefruit and Pure Concord Grape retail for $2.98 per 32-oz bottle.