KANSAS CITY — In 2019, multiple companies collaborated to bring co-branded products to shelves and take familiar flavors into new formats. Some of the players most involved in the mashup montage include the Coca-Cola Co., Mars, Inc. and General Mills, Inc.

In October, the Coca-Cola Co. collaborated with Ferrero North America to launch limited-edition Coca-Cola flavored Tic Tac mints.

Coca-Cola and Conagra Brands partnered in November to launch new Snack Pack Fanta Gels in orange, grape and pineapple flavors. Conagra and Coca-Cola worked together to create the new gels, testing several recipes to develop taste profiles that mirror Fanta soft drinks, according to the companies.

“Fanta is known for extraordinary flavors, and orange, pineapple and grape are some of our most loved,” said Tutul Rahman, Fanta brand director. “Bringing them to a new category in Snack Pack Gels made all the sense in the world. We worked with the team to make sure that our iconic flavors came through, and we have no doubt that Fanta Snack Pack Gels will definitely be a thing.”

In January, Mars and Nestle S.A. introduced Coffee Mate Snickers and Dove Dark Chocolate Almond flavored creamers, available in 32-oz bottles.

Mars in November worked with Snack Pop to launch Twix Candy Pop, featuring Twix candy coated popcorn drizzled with chocolate and caramel. Sold in 20-oz bags, the snack contains 160 calories and 12 grams of sugar per 1.25-cup serving.

Mars and General Mills teamed up in December to create a new yogurt candy mashup: Starburst flavored Yoplait yogurt. Containing 150 calories per 6-oz container, the low-fat yogurt comes in in three Starburst candy-inspired flavors: cherry, strawberry and orange.

In November, General Mills joined forces with Nestle to introduce Coffee Mate Cinnamon Toast Crunch creamer. It combines cinnamon, brown sugar and hints of toasted cereal flavors and “tastes like the best of the ‘cinnamilk’ left in your bowl,” Nestle said.

In 2020, General Mills plans to launch three new cereals in collaboration with The Hershey Co: Hershey’s Kisses cereal, Jolly Rancher cereal and Reese’s Puffs Big Puffs.

New Hershey’s Kisses cereal features chocolate-flavored cereal pieces shaped like Hershey’s Kisses chocolates. The cereal is sold in select stores and will be available nationwide in January 2020.

General Mills’ Jolly Rancher cereal contains colorful, fruit-flavored cereal pieces inspired by Jolly Rancher hard candies. The cereal pieces feature grape, cherry, green apple, watermelon and blue raspberry flavors. The cereal is currently available in select stores and will be available nationwide in March 2020.

Reese’s Puffs Big Puffs are oversized corn puffs made with Reese’s peanut butter. The cereal will be available in select stores beginning January 2020 and nationwide in March 2020.

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