NEW YORK — Siggi’s is expanding its reach in the children’s segment with the launch of Siggi’s Kids yogurt pouches. The products contain 50% less sugar and 30% fewer ingredients than other yogurts targeted at children, Siggi’s said.

Featuring non-tart 2% milkfat yogurt, the pouches come in strawberry banana and blueberry flavors. The yogurts are made with pasteurized low-fat milk, pasteurized ultra-filtered skim milk, fruit, cane sugar, natural flavor, fruit pectin and live active cultures. Each 3.5-oz pouch contains 60 calories, 6 grams of sugar and 5 grams of protein.

“Parents who love our current product range are looking for wholesome offerings without lots of added sugar or artificial ingredients their kids will enjoy,” said Carlos Altschul, president and chief executive officer of Siggi’s. “We are thrilled to expand our kids’ line with the launch of pouches so we can provide a new range of better-for-you options for parents to choose from.”

Siggi’s Kids pouches come in 14-oz boxes of four 3.5-oz pouches. The yogurt pouches join strawberry and blueberry low-fat yogurt tubes in Siggi’s lineup of children’s offerings.