CORAL GABLES, FLA. — Hans Sauter has been named the first chief sustainability officer for Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. In his new role, Mr. Sauter will maintain and advance projects and partnerships that “commit to the health and well-being of our planet,” the company said.

A 22-year veteran of Fresh Del Monte, Mr. Sauter was most recently senior vice-president of R.&D., Q.A. and agricultural services for the company. He joined the company in 1998 as senior director of agricultural extension and new development. Prior to his time with Fresh Del Monte, Mr. Sauter was a research manager for Pineapple Development Corp., a plant protection superintendent for Banana Development Corp. and a technician for the California Department of Agriculture.

“If there is anything I’ve learned during my time with Del Monte, it is that we have to keep our eyes to the future,” Mr. Sauter said. “We want to expand our sustainability initiatives and commit to our performance, people and our planet. That’s how we build a better world tomorrow.”

Fresh Del Monte’s sustainability initiatives include a five-pronged approach: source sustainable products, lessen greenhouse gas emissions, protect wildlife while promoting biodiversity, promote growth of communities and apply responsible farming techniques.