PORTLAND — Icon Foods offers IconiSweet, a clean label sweetening system that combines erythritol, allulose, stevia and monk fruit.

The blend of high-intensity sweeteners allows product developers to maintain sweetness while reducing calories and avoiding the added sugars call-out, according to the company.

IconiSweet maintains the advantages of each natural sugar replacement while eliminating several drawbacks. Off notes from stevia and monk fruit, for example, are mitigated by erythritol and allulose. Erythritol also lowers freezing depression, while allulose offsets any cooling effect erythritol may add to candy.

“Each sweetener has its own quirks, and developers have spent countless hours tinkering with combinations to offset different flavor notes alone,” said Thom King, president and chief executive officer of Icon Foods. “Now you have a product that combines each of them, bringing forth their attributes at optimum levels to create an entirely new sweetener.”