SONOMA, CALIF. — From the maker of Smashmallow, a brand of snackable marshmallows and crispy rice treats, comes a line of better-for-you gummy snacks featuring three grams of sugar per serving.

Smashgummy is available in two varieties: a fruit-inspired medley of strawberry, cherry, orange and peach flavors, and a sour collection of watermelon, lemon, raspberry and green apple flavors.

“Smashmallow has always been committed to creating permissibly indulgent snacks using the best real and natural ingredients possible, allowing consumers a chance to satisfy that sweet craving in a mindful yet delicious way,” said Jon Sebastiani, founder of Smashmallow. “We are thrilled to bring a new option to our consumers that is in line with our core values of creating products that are formulated with integrity, are modern and on-trend, but that also play on nostalgia and fun.”