ATLANTA — The Coca-Cola Co. is launching Sprite Ginger, which incorporates a ginger flavor in the brand’s lemon-lime soft drink. The beverage was developed in response to growing popularity of ginger-flavored sparkling drinks, according to the company.

“With every sip, you’ll get the crisp, refreshing cut-through of lemon-lime up front, balanced with a hit of ginger on the back-end,” said Mark Shorey, brand manager for Sprite. “The Sprite Ginger launch is all about reinvention … reimagining the signature attributes Sprite fans know and love, with something new and unexpected.”

Sprite Ginger is among a series of flavor extensions for the brand, including Sprite Cherry, Sprite Tropical Mix and Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry.

“Sprite provides a versatile canvas for a variety of flavors to interact with,” Mr. Shorey said.

In 2019, Coca-Cola launched Sprite Lymonade, a mashup of Sprite and lemonade that “helped fuel the trademark’s sixth consecutive year of growth,” Coca-Cola said.

“And we’re confident Sprite Ginger will continue this momentum by tapping into consumers’ desire for beverages that defy categorization,” said Aaliyah Shafiq, brand group director for Sprite. “This trend crosses over to pop culture, too, where artistic collaborations continue to pique curiosity.”