ST. LOUIS — Balchem Ingredient Solutions, formerly known as SensoryEffects, expanded its solutions for cultured applications to the dairy manufacturing industry.

“We have been increasing our technical expertise in-house and completing more trials and training on cultured products to help increase our customers’ speed to market,” said Sara Schwager, flavor systems director at Balchem. “Our ice cream and frozen dessert customers already know how to leverage our experience to bring the best to market. It’s exciting to expand these capabilities to the cultured sector, as well.”

The company offers a range of systems applicable to ‘spoonable’ and drinkable cultured products, as well as dairy or plant-based options. Specifically, Balchem may help with dairy and non-dairy yogurt, quark/fromage frais, lassi, dahi, buttermilk, cottage cheese, cream cheese and dessert toppings.