CHICAGO — The American Egg Board created real eggs certification seals for use in packaged food and food service menus.

The Real Eggs and Made With Real Eggs seals may be used by producers, food manufacturers and food service retail outlets on packaged goods and fresh prepared foods to communicate the use of U.S.-produced eggs and egg ingredients versus substitutes processed from other ingredients.

Products and menu items must be made from U.S.-produced eggs and processed in a U.S. facility in order to be approved for the seal. Combination products must be manufactured or processed in the United States and contain only egg ingredients produced from U.S.-raised hens. The seals cannot be used on products that use protein or oil from vegetables or legumes to replace an egg component.

The Made With Real Eggs seal may streamline choices for busy consumers. As many as 70% of consumers want to know and understand the ingredient list on products, according to Innova Market Insights, and 20% of consumers are most influenced by “real” ingredients when deciding food and beverage purchases