VERNIER, SWITZERLAND — Givaudan is partnering with the University of California, Riverside, to launch a new virtual reality tool for citrus beverage applications.

The tool enables companies to co-create flavors and provides educational content about groves, fruit origins, different varieties and sensory attributes and challenges faced by the citrus market.

“Experiencing firsthand some of the unique and surprising aroma profiles the fruits have to offer helps our customers unleash their creativity,” said Dawn Streich, global product manager for citrus at Givaudan. “Commercializing on-trend beverages with increasingly shorter time-to-market is a challenge that every manufacturer must face. By combining Givaudan’s knowledge on more than 250 citrus varieties with the latest digitalization technology, Virtual TasteTrek Citrus helps create beverages that stand out on the market, in a shorter time frame.”

The tool is part of Givaudan’s Flavours’ TasteTrek program, which is focused on developing new ingredients and varietals for flavor creation.