SAN DIEGO — Bumble Bee Foods announced a joint venture partnership with Gathered Foods Corp., maker of Good Catch plant-based seafood products.

The branded seafood company said it will leverage it sales, distribution and logistics to expand consumer access to Good Catch’s products. The venture makes Bumble Bee the first major seafood company to partner with a plant-based seafood brand.

“This partnership is a win for Bumble Bee, Good Catch, consumers and the health of our oceans,” said Jan Tharp, president and chief executive officer at Bumble Bee Foods. “Bumble Bee has always been deeply committed to sustainable fishing and we have been actively working to manage fish stocks across our portfolio. It is critically important that as an industry we continue to find innovative solutions to decouple growth with environmental impact. Providing great-tasting alternative ways for consumers to enjoy ocean-inspired foods is a key pillar of our long-term commitment to ocean health.”

Based in Newton, Pa., Good Catch offers faux fish dishes designed to look and taste like the real thing. The company’s mission is to help solve the ocean’s global issues with sustainable food technology and marine welfare. Good Catch’s first product, fish-free tuna, is made using a propriety blend of peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava beans and navy beans. Seaweed and algae extract are added to create a convincing seafood flavor. The company plans to debut additional products this spring.

“Innovative, mission-driven startups generally enter the market with limited access,” said Chris Kerr, CEO and co-founder of Good Catch. “In forming this partnership with a forward-thinking and deeply rooted company like Bumble Bee we can reach far more consumers who want fish alternative products.”