MELVILLE, N.Y. —  A recent study from Comax Flavors examined popular coffee additive flavors. The study, which was the 15th of its kind from the company’s primary market research program, examined preferences in flavored syrup, flavored creamer, non-dairy flavored creamer and non-dairy flavored milk additives.

“There has been so much activity and flavor innovation in the dairy and non-dairy creamer market,” said Catherine Armstrong, vice president of corporate communications for Comax Flavors. “Consumers have a plethora of choices, and we wanted to better understand their preferences.”

About half (47%) of respondents said they consume caramel syrup flavor, followed by vanilla (41%) and chocolate (38%). The most popular sugar-free syrup flavors were vanilla, Irish cream and caramel.

Regular candy and dessert flavors were popular among both flavored syrup and creamer users. Butterscotch, cookie and marshmallow were the top syrup flavors, while Almond Joy and peanut butter cup were the most popular creamer flavors. More than half (54%) of respondents consumed vanilla flavored creamers, and a third consumed vanilla caramel or caramel latte flavors. Just shy of a quarter of respondents consumed chocolate (24%) and white chocolate mocha (23%).

Approximately 30% of non-dairy creamer users preferred almond milk-based products, followed by coconut (23%), pea (17%), soy (16%), cashew (14%), oat (10%) and rice (10%). Dark chocolate orange and pecan caramel were popular flavors for soymilk and pea milk creamers, while respondents who used cashew milk-based creamers preferred sweet creme and chocolate flavors. Vanilla lemon was the most popular oat milk-based creamer flavor.

More consumers preferred vanilla non-dairy flavored milk (26%) than original (22%), according to the study. Honey and chocolate were popular hazelnut milk flavors. Vanilla and horchata were popular among flavored soymilk consumers. Toasted oats and almond and chocolate were popular hemp milk flavors, while honey was the No. 1 flavor among oat milk users.