MINNEAPOLIS — Spoonshot is aiming to help innovators with early-stage product development and trends research. The Spoonshot platform leverages machine learning and food science-infused algorithms to deliver personalized insights, trend predictions and emerging product opportunities.

To produce this intelligence, the platform analyzes billions of data points from more than 900 sources in the domain of food, including food science research, food communities, niche e-commerce portals, media platforms and data on millions of products, menus and recipes.

One example of a prediction created by the platform in the functional beverage category is an ashwagandha wellness drink flavored with jasmine flowers.

Spoonshot already is working with more than 40 companies, including Cargill.

“At Cargill, we are always looking for innovative approaches that bolster our existing analytical capabilities and help us develop relevant and forward-looking insights we can bring to our customers,” said Cory Lommel, consumer insights director at Cargill. “We see Spoonshot’s technology as an enabler, one that can unlock value through