KANSAS CITY — Flavor mashups like sweet and spicy and sweet and savory are trending in CPG innovation.

Sweet heat is the featured flavor profile in Walmart Inc.’s new Great Value Mango Habanero Coconut Ice Cream. The dessert features spicy habanero mango sorbet swirled with sweet coconut ice cream.

Unilever PLC’s Ben & Jerry’s brand is embracing the sweet and savory flavor combination in its new ice cream flavor: Chip Happens. The limited-batch dessert features chocolate ice cream, fudge chips and a crunchy potato chip swirl.

Sweet and spicy collide in new jalapeño and bacon beans from Serious Bean Co. The company teamed up with Dallas-based sports and entertainment brand Dude Perfect to develop the new “Perfect Bean” variety, which pays homage to Dude Perfect’s Texas heritage. The craft baked beans feature pinto beans, jalapeños, applewood smoked bacon and a mild sweet heat.

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