BARABOO, WIS. — Foremost Farms USA plans to close its Chilton, Wis., cheese processing plant in July. The company cited decreased demand from foodservice operators due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) as one reason for the closing.

“We don’t see an immediate bounce back in cheese orders from foodservice clients serviced by the location,” said Greg Schlafer, president and chief executive officer.

The Chilton plant manufactures Italian cheeses that are sold to foodservice operators for sandwiches. The plant employs 53.

“Manufacturing footprints continually evolve and change over time as the market changes,” Mr. Schlafer said. “We are always reviewing our manufacturing network and looking for ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations.

“Closing the facility is difficult for us. But in looking at our operations holistically, we don’t think making long-term investments in the plant make strategic sense for our network. We have other plants with upgraded technology and optimized logistics that will drive significant cost efficiencies.”