ORANGE, NJ. —The idea of “calm” resonates with consumers of products for cardiovascular wellness, according to new research from Lycored.

The company surveyed more than 500 men and women over the age of 50 in the United States and the United Kingdom and found nutrition was the No. 1 way respondents seek to improve cardiovascular health. Most respondents saw the topic in holistic terms, with 6 in 10 agreeing physical, mental and nutritional elements all play a role.

Many said they were trying to introduce more calm into their lives, with 41% overall and 48% of US respondents making attempts to increase calmness to protect cardiovascular health. Almost all (95%) said they found the idea of being able to “calm your heart” appealing, and more than a third said they would be more likely to buy a product for cardiovascular health if the packaging included the word “calm.”

“Scientific studies increasingly show that our day-to day thoughts and feelings affect levels of stress on our bodies,” said Golan Raz, head of Lycored’s global health division. “Consumers understand this, which is why many are consciously trying to increase their daily calm. For manufacturers of products for cardiovascular health, there is a possible lesson here about positioning. It could be time to shift the value proposition from a negative — the avoidance of risk — to a positive — the promotion of calm.”

Lycored manufactures Cardiomato, a proprietary mix for cardiovascular supplements. It has been shown to help maintain blood pressure, reduce levels of LDL cholesterol and support healthy circulation.