WESTON, FLA. — VPX Sports, maker of Bang Energy drinks, is launching Noo Fuzion, a new line of ready-to-drink pre-workout beverages. The carbonated drinks are designed to promote lean muscle growth, energy, focus, recovery and performance.

Containing 5 calories and no sugar per 16-oz can, Noo Fuzion beverages feature a full spectrum 7,000 mg blend of essential amino acids and 2,500 mg of Betaine Anhydrous, which maximizes muscle protein synthesis before, during and after a workout, the company said. The drink also is enhanced with Noo Fuel, which includes caffeine and Cognizin, a patented form of the nootropic citicoline that aids in mental focus. Flavors include Candy Apple Crisp, Frose Rose, Mango Bango, Purple Kiddles, Radical Skadattle and Rainbow Unicorn.

“Control is the goal and cutting-edge nutrition is the vision,” said Jack Owoc, chief executive officer and chief science officer for VPX Sports. “It’s this entrepreneurial mindset and complete control of our destiny that allows us to make quick unilateral and unencumbered decisions that facilitate domination in the marketplace.”