KANSAS CITY — Cold beverages blended with tea are brewing on menus for summer.

Beginning June 29, Chick-fil-A is pouring new Mango Passion Tea Lemonade. The beverage blends the chain’s lemonade with unsweetened iced tea and a mango syrup featuring natural mango and passionfruit flavors.

“Summer is the perfect time for people to quench their thirst with a delicious and refreshing drink like Mango Passion Tea Lemonade,” said Ben Bolling, beverages category leader at Chick-fil-A. “It was well received when we tested it in Jacksonville, Fla., last fall, so we’re excited to offer it to guests around the country and give them more variety to help sweeten up a meal or midday snack this summer.”

Dunkin’ is debuting Dunkin’ Refreshers iced beverages, made with iced green tea, flavored fruit concentrate and B vitamins. The drinks come in strawberry dragonfruit and peach passionfruit flavors. Both beverages contain fewer than 200 calories.

"With the start of summer, it’s the perfect time for something fresh and exciting to energize and enliven people again." — Jill Nelson, Dunkin'

“Dunkin’ has been there to keep our guests running during these difficult months,” said Jill Nelson, vice president of marketing strategy at Dunkin’. “Now, with the start of summer, it’s the perfect time for something fresh and exciting to energize and enliven people again. With a combination of iced green tea, B vitamins and bright bursts of flavor, Dunkin’ Refreshers stand apart as the perfect new choice to help anyone get their glow back.”

A new seasonal summer menu has arrived at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, including two new tea-based beverages. The Hibiscus Mint Cold Brew Tea is made with Scottish breakfast cold-brew tea and hibiscus mint syrup, while the Lemonade Cold Brew Tea blends Scottish breakfast cold brew tea and lemonade syrup.

“This summer, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf brand wants to offer guests a little respite and transport them to a favorite destination with our new cold beverages with refreshing flavors to help beat the heat,” said Nurit Raich, senior director of product innovation for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf brand. “Our sweet and tropical new menu items are a perfect way to enjoy the Summer.”

View a slideshow of new menu items.