LAKEWOOD, OHIO — IMCD has entered into a distribution agreement with Vantage Foods.

The company will distribute Mallet oil-based release agents in the United States and Canada, including:

  • Vegalube, a clear blend of vegetable oils and lecithin
  • Tro-Lube, a readily sprayable lubricant
  • D-Lube and K-Lube, white mineral oils that provide lubrication and product release in the baking and candy industry as well as in meat and food processing
  • Thriftee EZ Release, a solids-free cake depanning compound
  • D-Pan 60, a bread pan release agent that helps extend pan glaze life

“IMCD is dedicated to delivering best-in-class ingredients … and is working very closely with Vantage Foods to provide a seamless transition for existing customers,” said Devin Chan, senior vice president of sales and marketing at IMCD Canada Ltd. and IMCD US Food, Inc.