MUNICH, GERMANY — Alpha-cyclodextrins from Wacker, marketed under the Cavamax W6 brand, may enhance the foaming properties of milk in specialty coffees.

Alpha-cyclodextrins are ring-shaped oligosaccharides that have a hydrophilic exterior and a lipophilic cavity.

“This cavity can interact with lipophilic components of the barista milk and form particulate complexes, which stabilize the foam structure and limit the coalescence of the liquid phase,” said Ulrike Fischer-Nägele, head of technical service for Wacker’s nutrition business team. “The foam half-life — the time until the foam has shrunk to half its volume — can be significantly increased from 3 minutes to about 15 minutes.”

Cavamax W6 is produced from starch and sold as a water-soluble, odorless and tasteless powder. It provides high foam volume, uniform structure and stability in both dairy and plant-based barista toppings, the company said. It is vegan, kosher and halal.