TETERBORO, NJ. — Symrise Flavors NA launched Spirit Signatures, a portfolio of flavor solutions for low- and no-alcohol beverages.

The lineup includes Kentucky Whiskey, Tennessee Whiskey, Scotch Whiskey, Brandy and Rum flavors.

“The Spirit Signatures toolbox was created using various Symrise taste solutions, including its Code of Nature Botanical Essentials,” said Ahmed Nour, beverage category director at Symrise Flavors. “By using a specialized extraction capability, we can create botanical extracts that are so unique versus any other extract you find now in the market. Through our patented gentle processing technique, we capture a lot of the volatiles and complex notes from the botanical and add them to the finished beverage for the right mouthfeel and unique taste experience.”

The flavors recreate top notes that mimic all the spirit processing steps involved in the formation of a premium alcoholic product, including the barrel-aging component, which forms the distinct taste sensation of spirits, Symrise said. They are best to use in low- or no-alcohol products and also fit in CBD and THC drinks.