ARLINGTON, VA.— Nestle’s Gerber brand is expanding its organic snacks line with the introduction of Gerber Organic BabyPops, a new puffed corn and oat snack.

BabyPops come in a popcorn-like shape and are available in peanut, tomato and banana-raspberry flavors. Each variety contains peanuts, fruits and vegetables and no added sweeteners, GMOs or salt.

BabyPops peanut contains organic peanut flour and is the brand’s first product to offer peanut in a developmentally appropriate form to help parents introduce peanut into their child’s diet, Gerber said.

“Gerber recognizes the importance of having a peanut snack available as pediatric and nutrition experts, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, state there is now evidence in some infants that the early introduction of infant-safe forms of peanuts reduces the risk of peanut allergies,” said Joel Lim, MD, pediatric gastroenterologist and medical director at Gerber. “Of course, parents should always discuss the introduction of peanut and other food allergens with their doctor and follow their doctor's instructions.”

Along with helping parents navigate food allergen introduction, the snacks were designed to help children transitioning to finger foods.

“Gerber Organic BabyPops are designed to be fun for your little one to eat while self-feeding as they dissolve easily in their tiny mouths and are just the right size for little fingers learning to pick up,” said Sarah Smith-Simpson, principle scientist at Gerber. “While every child reaches this milestone at their own pace, this is usually around eight months or older when babies are in the crawler stage.”

The organic snacks come in travel-size, recyclable containers and are available nationwide.