EUSTIS, FLA.— Florida Food Products (FFP) has acquired Amelia Bay, LLC, a Johns Creek, Ga.-based provider of fresh brewed tea extracts, coffee extracts and botanicals.

“We are extremely excited to partner with a company that has the scale and capabilities of FFP,” said Jason Crandall, president of Amelia Bay. “This acquisition gives Amelia Bay access to new technologies and ingredients that will pave the way to creating the next generation of all natural, clean label food and beverage ingredients.”

FFP manufactures vegetable juice concentrates and derivatives used in a variety of food applications from savory to beverages, sports nutrition and meats. The company’s latest innovations include VegStable Plus, a natural phosphate alternative for the meat industry, and a line of fermented vegetable juices.

“This acquisition supports our overall mission of becoming the industry’s leading provider of ingredients from nature that work,” said Jim Holdrieth, chief executive officer of FFP. “The combination of FFP’s natural fruit and vegetable ingredients with Amelia Bay’s coffee, tea, and botanical offering expands our ability to provide customers an innovative, great tasting, clean label beverage solution.”