AUSTIN, MINN. — Hormel Ingredient Solutions launched a new line of plant-based meat alternatives.

Powered by pea protein, the new offerings include an uncooked ground product and fully cooked crumbles in traditional Italian, breakfast and Chorizo-style flavors.

The uncooked ground product and traditional fully cooked crumbles feature hint of onion, natural smoke, crushed red pepper and garlic. The Italian-style fully cooked crumbles are imbued with notes of fennel, anise and black and red pepper and are suitable for use in pastas, soups and entrees.

The breakfast-style crumbles are seasoned with pepper and mild sage, and the Chorizo-style crumbles feature poblano peppers for a tangy hot pepper flavor.

“These new products are designed to help food manufacturers incorporate more plant-based foods into their offerings for the growing number of consumers interested in adding these items to their diets,” said Paul Sheehan, director of sales for Hormel Ingredient Solutions.