EDISON, NJ — AAK USA Inc. showcased its latest specialty fat solutions at ShIFT20 with a menu of seven sample items.

A cinnamon raisin cut biscuit contained Cisao 8253-18-05 cinnamon flaked shortening for enhanced flavor, along with a vanilla-flavored confectionery glaze made using Cisao 8312 Cube shortening.

A plant-based cheesy garlic biscuit featured dairy-free cheese made with AkoPlanet 28-001 ORG. The biscuit contained Cisao 81-20, a palm oil-based all-purpose shortening, along with Cisao 78-31, a flaked shortening made with palm and palm kernel oil, for even fat distribution.

A plant-based three-cheese platter featured feta made with AkoPlanet PBC 110-44 for fat reduction, cheddar made with AkoPlanet PBC 109-60 for improved mouthfeel and a pizza topping containing AkoPlanet PBC 111-60 for melting and browning.

AAK used Cisao 7831-00-60MB to formulate a flatbread. Two coconut and sunflower oil blends, AkoVeg 115-14 and AkoVeg 114-46, were used for a dairy-free crumbled cheese topping and sour cream filling.

The company also showcased a drinkable yogurt containing Akovita Elip (made with egg phospholipids and vegetable oils), an aerated mocha milk chocolate filling containing Confao 82BR specialty filling fat, along with a chocolate hazelnut butter spread using Essence 86-33 NH, a blend of palm, palm kernel and canola oils.

“We created a menu showcasing the latest indulgent and better-for-you confectionery, bakery, plant-based and special nutrition product trends and innovations,” said Octavio Diaz de Leon, president of AAK USA and AAK North Latin America. “We are excited by the great-tasting, high-performance results.”