KANSAS CITY — Product developers are using premium ingredients to elevate everyday eating occasions.

As many consumers remain homebound and bored, brands seek to offer an upgraded experience. Examples include non-dairy salad dressings formulated with avocado oil and extra virgin olive oil, grain-free cookies sweetened with coconut sugar, and whole-milk yogurt layered in glass jars.

Pearlescent mica is blended with organic maple syrup in a limited-edition offering from Runamok Maple. Sparkle Syrup may be used to add a shimmery touch to a stack of pancakes or cocktail.

New from Godiva Chocolatier are Signature Mini Bars and Chocolate Domes. The products are individually wrapped and portion controlled. Godiva Signature Mini Bars flavors include roasted almond dark chocolate, salted caramel milk chocolate, 72% cacao dark chocolate, milk chocolate, sea salt dark chocolate and almond and honey milk chocolate. Godiva Chocolate Domes, a layered confection featuring crispy, creamy and crunchy textures, is available in three varieties: double chocolate, coconut crunch and crispy hazelnut.

The company’s expansion into more supermarket and drugstore aisles with convenient options underscores its mission to increase accessibility and capture a larger share of the $18 billion premium chocolate segment.

“Our brand purpose at Godiva is to open people's eyes to a more wonderful world,” said John Galloway, chief marketing and innovation officer. “With our latest launch of Godiva Signature Mini Bars, we're doing just that by giving consumers a completely new way to enjoy the premium taste of Godiva. Equally exciting is making this delicious offering available where we know we can reach a broader and more diverse group of chocolate lovers.”

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