ORRVILLE, OHIO — With more than 90% of US homes featuring at least one of its products, J.M. Smucker Co. believes it has a duty to deliver for consumers responsibly. In its latest Corporate Impact Report released on Sept. 3, the company identified several ways it’s doing just that.

“The impact we make on consumers is both simple and critical,” the company noted in the report. “We make consumers’ lives better by delivering food people and pets love. Providing favorite snacks, coffee and pet food offers more than a necessity; it provides a sense of comfort and normalcy, which is especially important in the challenging times we’re facing.”

One key is maintaining high expectations for food safety and quality. To satisfy this goal Smucker said it is doing several things.

First, the company is auditing its internal manufacturing sites, partner sites and supplier sites to ensure its commitment to the highest quality is met. Second, the company is providing Preventive Control Qualified Individual training for all quality managers and plant personnel whose responsibilities are impacted by the Food Safety Modernization Act. Third, Smucker is working to support and comply with the FSMA, which vests food companies with many prevention-based responsibilities to ensure a safe food supply for all consumers. Finally, the company has committed to actively participating in the Global Food Safety Initiative, which is managed by the Consumer Goods Forum, an independent global network for consumer goods retailers and manufacturers.

 A second focal point for Smucker as it looks to deliver to consumers responsibly is ensuring transparency. To achieve this goal, Smucker said it has taken several steps, including following the mandate to have any applicable allergen from the Food and Drug Administration’s eight most common allergens listed on the label in bold type on product packaging.

Smucker also is listing every ingredient in each of its products on the product’s label and its website so consumers can see clearly whether the product meets dietary restrictions or preferences, such as gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian.

Smucker also is working to become more transparent on packaging and is now providing details on the materials that make up its product packaging whenever possible. If the details aren’t known, Smucker said it is working with its suppliers to better understand the source of these materials.

Clarifying its use of GMO and bioengineered ingredients also is a focus for Smucker, and the company said in the report that it is committed to complying with the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard, which goes into effect Jan. 1, 2022.

The final focal point for Smucker is engaging consumers in an ethical and responsible manner.

To achieve this goal, Smucker said it is dedicated to following responsible marketing practices, which include selecting diverse talent for advertising, clearly substantiating all claims, expressing the standards the company has for all partners and refraining from any advertising on platforms that specifically target children age 13 and younger.

In addition, Smucker said it has joined #STOPHATEFORPROFIT as part of its evolved marketing guidelines and expectations for social media partners to eliminate hate speech and discrimination from their platforms.