LOS ANGELES — Premium dessert company Coolhaus Ice Cream has partnered with Mondelez International’s Ritz Crackers brand to create a new cream flavor: Crackers & Cream.

The limited-edition flavor features peanut butter ice cream marbled with a crispy Ritz Cracker swirl.

“I'm so excited to launch our truly unique collaboration with Ritz crackers,” said Natasha Case, co-founder and chief executive officer of Coolhaus Ice Cream. “It is literally making ice cream history as Ritz crackers has never been spun into ice cream like this. The buttery, saltiness of the crackers goes perfectly with our decadent and creamy peanut butter ice cream.”

The flavor is available direct to consumer via Coolhaus’ ecommerce platform and at its shop in Culver City, Calif., for $12 a pint.