KANSAS CITY – Innovation in the yogurt and yogurt alternative snack space is booming. Product developers are trying to carve niches in several segments.

Case in point is Icelandic Provisions’ Fruit & Nuts snack.

“We like to call our new Fruit & Nuts line ‘the thinking person’s snack’ because of the layers of flavor and texture it provides,” said John Heath, chief innovation officer at Icelandic Provisions. “The combination of textures and flavors creates a heightened sensory eating experience that doesn’t exist as a packaged good, especially in the yogurt aisle. It’s a three-dimensional proposition; with chunks of real fruit mixed with crushed nuts and seeds, all blended into our creamy whole milk skyr.”

The latest trends innovators are trying to tap into include specific diets and conditions, convenience, plant-based and functional.

The brand noosa’s drinkable yogurt checks the convenience box.

“Over the past five years, yogurt drinks have experienced a growth rate of +10% per year for each of those years,” said Jason Vieth, executive vice president and general manager of Sovos Brands, the owner of noosa. “They also serve as a great way to mix up snacking habits for those looking for something convenient and delicious any time of the day.

“Since some in-person dining experiences such as restaurants and smoothie bars are limited due to COVID, consumers can still enjoy a tasty smoothie with their favorite noosa yoghurt flavors at home, without having to sacrifice on taste or texture.”

Yogurts and yogurt alternatives fit the consumer’s perception of a healthy snack. As interest in health snacking continues to grow it is expected that category innovation will continue.

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