CHICAGO — Blommer Chocolate Co. offers Lyra, a reduced-sugar milk chocolate formulation that conforms to the standard of identity for chocolate.

Unlike many other reduced-sugar chocolates, Lyra has no alternative sweeteners or bulking agents and contains only sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, milk, soy lecithin and vanilla. The legal definitions of chocolate limit sweeteners to milk sugar and table sugar, or sucrose, which poses a challenge in developing a reduced-sugar milk chocolate that meets the criteria. Blommer developed a formula that is roughly 50% cocoa mass. A 30-gram serving of Lyra milk chocolate has 12 grams of sugar, compared to 16 grams of sugar in a 30-gram serving of the leading milk chocolate.

Lyra has a balanced, less sweet flavor profile that delivers on a milk chocolate experience and may be used for enrobing, panning and molding, pairing well with fruits and nuts, according to the company.